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Why is My Hot Tub Water Foaming?

When preparing to unwind in your hot tub, one of the last things you’d expect to make an appearance is an abundance of suds and foam in your water. Even though the experience can be frustrating, foaming hot tub water is easily fixable. Typically, hot tub water foaming can be corrected by making simple adjustments to your hot tub care routine. The problem of a hot tub’s water becoming foamy could have a number of causes, including:

Uneven pH Balance

One of the most crucial factors in creating a pleasurable hot tub experience is ensuring the water’s pH levels are balanced. Anytime the pH balance is off, the quality of the hot tub water becomes compromised. This particular problem is difficult to address proactively if testing the pH balance of your hot tub regularly isn’t a part of your hot tub care routine. The ideal level for the pH balance of a hot tub is somewhere between 7.2 to 7.8.

Testing the pH levels of the water in your hot tub regularly is important for a variety of reasons, too. If pH testing reveals that the acidity levels of your water are higher than 7.8, some of the parts of your hot tub may begin to suffer damage. By regularly testing the pH levels of your hot tub, you’ll not only get rid of the amount of foam in the water, you’ll also help preserve the longevity of the hot tub itself.

Chemicals From Hair and Skin Products

Another reason why your hot tub’s water could be experiencing foam is because of the skin and hair products that are harmful to the quality of your hot tub’s water. Since that’s the case, it’s advisable to shower prior to enjoying a soak in your hot tub. Doing so can prevent the shampoo, soap, and lotion you or other guests you may have in the hot tub from interfering with the chemicals in the water. It’s also important to remove any makeup or skin products prior to entering a hot tub. 

Along with the chemicals from hair and body products, those from detergents and fabric softeners used to wash bathing suits and bikinis can also contribute to a hot tub water foaming. That’s why it’s beneficial to ensure that any attire being worn in a hot tub has been rinsed and dried only with plain water beforehand. Making these adjustments could be more effective in preserving the quality of water in your hot tub than you can imagine.

Ineffective Chemicals Are Being Used for Hot Tub Care

Keeping the water in your hot tub clean and clear is easier said than done when relying on subpar products to do the job. Even though choosing to prioritize price over quality may seem appealing, when it comes to chemicals for cleaning a hot tub, this approach can be detrimental. Inadequate chemicals could play a role in throwing off your chemical balance, while failing to keep your water clean and safe.

Making matters worse is that not getting the results you’re seeking from those cheaper chemicals could lead to using more of them. This would not only be bad for the long-term health of your hot tub, but for your wallet as well. The best way to avoid the drawbacks that come with using cheap chemicals, including foam in your hot tub, is to only rely on high-quality chemicals with a proven track record of success to clean it.

Hot Tub Water Foaming? Call the Experts

Experiencing hot tub water foaming is something that can be easy to fix and even easier to avoid with proper hot tub care. If your hot tub water is currently foaming, schedule an appointment for one of our service teams to test your water, and make sure the hot tub is running as it should. Serving Summit County with quality hot tub service for over 40 years provides us with the expertise necessary to get to the bottom of the issue causing your hot tub’s water to foam. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get your hot tub operating as good as new again.