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Why Isn’t My Hot Tub Heating Up?

One of the most frustrating things any hot tub owner can experience is preparing for a relaxing soak only to find that your hot tub isn’t heating up. Making matters even more complicated is that there are numerous reasons why your hot tub isn’t reaching the desired temperature you were hoping for. When that’s the case, the best thing you can do to get it functioning again is for a hot tub service technician to come out and repair it for you. When your hot tub isn’t heating up the way you expect, here are a few reasons why that could be happening:

Your Hot Tub’s Thermostat is Broken

A damaged thermostat could be the cause of a hot tub that won’t heat up properly because many hot tubs have thermostats that are directly connected to the circuit board. The cord that connects the two may be disconnected or damaged if you’re experiencing temperature problems with your hot tub.

If you’ve checked the connection between your thermostat and the control panel of the hot tub and there are no problems, then there could be a different problem causing it not to heat up properly.

The Heater Element On Your Hot Tub is Dysfunctional

When the heater element isn’t functioning properly on your hot tub, it’s easy to tell because the hot tub will seem like it’s working as normal until you notice the temperature of the water. If you’re unfamiliar with how a heater element functions on a hot tub, think about an electric hot water heater.

Similar to an electric hot water heater, frequent use of a hot water heater element could lead to burnout when used when there isn’t an adequate amount of temperate water surrounding it. Another common heater element problem is that it could accumulate scale over time, causing it to malfunction.

You Have a Blown Fuse

One of the reasons that result in your hot tub not heating up that is harder to diagnose is a blown fuse. There are numerous potential causes for blown fuses, including power outages or surges.

Fortunately, if your hot tub has a blown fuse, getting it fixed isn’t too hard. A blown fuse on a hot tub can be replaced with a different one as long as it has the correct rating. If you aren’t comfortable with replacing a blown fuse in your hot tub yourself then you can get a hot tub service technician to come to do the job for you.

Get Your Hot Tub Heating Up Again With Hot Tub Service From MCPS Today

If your hot tub isn’t heating up and you aren’t sure why then it’s time for you to have one of our hot tub service technicians come and take a look at it. Once they do, they’ll be able to diagnose the problem and then get it repaired so you can begin relaxing in it again.

If you’d like to have one of our hot tub service technicians take a look at your hot tub so they can figure out what’s wrong with it and get it functioning properly again, fill out this form to get on our schedule for technical service! One of our trained and helpful technicians would be eager to help get your hot tub up and running again.