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Why Swim Spas are a Great Alternative to Traditional Pools

Even if you’re pressed for space in your backyard, or now isn’t the right time for a traditional pool, don’t fret! You can still have a swimming pool with a swim spa by Endless Pools®! Maybe someday you’ll go ahead and install the large family pool with a slide and water features you’re envisioning, but for now, a swim spa is a great alternative. Here’s why. 

Easier, Quicker Installation

Both you and the kiddos look forward to swimming every time you go on vacation. With an Endless Pools swim spa you won’t miss any swim time this year. A custom backyard pool takes time to build and requires construction in your yard. By comparison, your new swim spa will be installed in a snap! Yes, that even takes into account the mountainous Colorado terrain. The fact is, whether we’re talking building an in-ground pool or installing a swim spa or hot tub, at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa we’re experts at finding the best site in your yard. Not sure where you would place a swim spa or even if it would fit in your backyard? We offer free in-home consultations! Contact us and we’ll schedule a site survey for you. 

Year-Round Swimming

You probably like to visit your vacation home every chance you get, not just during the summer. With a swim spa, you aren’t limited to the traditional pool season. You can enjoy a dip year-round in the heated water. There’s nothing like swimming or splashing in the water while snow floats down around you. We’re not saying it will replace skiing and the other winter sports you love, but winter evenings in your Endless Pools swim spa will certainly come to rank high up on your list! 

Swim Spas Work Well Indoors

If you don’t want to lose any of your outdoor space to a pool, how about an indoor pool instead? Endless Pools Fitness Systems can go pretty much anywhere. In your home gym, in the sunroom, tucked into the garage… we’ve installed indoor swim spas in many places! Plus, if you rent your home to guests when you’re not in town, the ability to swim year-round in an indoor swim spa is a very attractive perk. 

Wondering what it’s like to swim in an Endless Pool? Let us arrange a private test soak for you. Bring your family and experience the fun of a swim spa from Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa firsthand!