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Why to Choose an Endless Pools Swim Spa

So she wants a pool. But you want a hot tub. Your yard isn’t big enough for both – so what’s the solution? Well, the answer might not be as much of a compromise as you might think. With an Endless Pools Swim Spa, you CAN have both. Now that we have your attention, here are some of the reasons why a swim spa just might be the perfect answer for you!

Easy Maintenance

Compared to a swimming pool, or a swimming pool PLUS a hot tub, the maintenance of a swim spa is easy. There are fewer chemicals to buy, less water to clean – all around, it’s just less to take care of.

Easy Installation

Installing a swimming pool is … a commitment. Yes, the end result will be amazing and you’ll enjoy it for years. But you’re in for a few weeks of construction, and several weeks of landscaping after that. Endless Pool Swim Spas are single units, so professional installation is fast, and, honestly – less of a disturbance to your home and your life.

Great for Exercise

Sure, you can exercise in a traditional swimming pool. There are even some exercises you can do in a hot tub. But swim spas are made for exercise, from swimming (of course), to water aerobics, simulated rowing, the user of underwater treadmills and more.

Fit Most Anywhere

Bigger than a hot tub but smaller than a pool, chances are your property can accommodate a swim spa. They’re available in a variety of sizes, from 12’ to 20’ long. And the rectangular shape helps make for a an easier placement.

Perfect for Rehabilitation

Add row bars and resistance gear to your swim spa (With the guidance of your physician or therapist, of course.), and you might find yourself making great gains in your rehab as your work to recover from an injury.

Perfect for Relaxation

Let’s not forget one of the most important benefits of a swim spa – it has a hot tub, built in! After your exercise, or simply because you want to, ease into one of the hyrdotherapy seats and enjoy a water massage, just like you would in a traditional hot tub!

These are just a few of the reasons why an Endless Pools Swim Spa may be the perfect compromise!

2 responses to “Why to Choose an Endless Pools Swim Spa

  1. Thank you for talking about how a swim spa is easier to maintain than just a swimming pool. I am building a new home this year and I also want to build a great swimming pool. I will find a good endless pool service to help locally.

  2. I read this post your post so nice and very informative post thanks for sharing this post. Creative blog I have ever seen. good work. I appreciate that.

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