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Yes, you really do need an outdoor sauna

When you’re thinking about buying a sauna – especially here in Colorado – you have a very big decision to make.

Indoors, or out?

If you have the space, we recommend you give some serious thought to purchasing an outdoor sauna. There are some very good reasons why …


  1. Two-for-one. If you install a large outdoor sauna, it can serve a dual purpose. Have a pool or an outdoor hot tub? Your sauna can stand in for the pool house when you’re not using it for the soothing heat and relaxation.


  1. Easy to build. Today’s quality saunas, like those from Finnleo, come in pre-fabricated kits, and they’re designed with easy assembly in mind. Everything you need to put the sauna together comes in the kit, along with easy-to-follow instructions. If you’re handy, installing your new sauna will be a breeze. And if you’re not, it’s OK. Any good contractor will have it up and ready for you in no time at all.


  1. Privacy. One of the main reasons people purchase a sauna is for peace, quiet and privacy. You’ll get a measure of that no matter where you place your sauna, but with an outdoor sauna you’ll take it to an entirely new level. Work at home? Imagine being able to detach from work at the end of the day by stepping out your back door and into your personal oasis.


  1. Save some space. While today’s saunas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made to fit most anywhere in your home, for many it can still be a challenge to find the right “fit.” Placing your sauna outdoors eliminates this problem, and saves your square footage.


  1. Backyard centerpiece. These days, we practically live in our backyards. Hot tubs, firepits and cozy furniture – our backyards have become where we go to relax and unwind. Now picture creating that haven around your new outdoor sauna. Bliss.

Questions about outdoor saunas and all the possibilities? Contact us today!