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Your High Rockies Winter Prep Checklist for Pools & Spas

Winter looks a little different in each state. Here in the beautiful Rockies of Colorado, snow is a normal, welcome sight on the mountains surrounding us. The outdoors still hold plenty of fun, even when the pool is closed down for the year. Skiing and snowboarding are popular snowy mountain activities. And soaking in the hot tub or sitting in a sauna are both great ways to warm up afterwards. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has all of your at-home leisure covered year-round. Here is your High Rockies winter prep checklist for pools & spas.

Priority #1 – Proper Pool Closing 

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that your pool is properly closed down for the year. In order to prepare your backyard for the leaves and snow that will make their way down, the pool needs some extra TLC. 

You will want to consider the pros and cons of DIY versus professional pool maintenance in Summit County as you decide how to get your pool the care it needs. Here are a few things to remember as you make your decision.

Details about DIY

If you are thinking about a DIY pool closing, be sure that you set aside plenty of time to go through all of the steps it requires. You will need to thoroughly clean the pool as well as the equipment. Many pieces of equipment need to be removed, dried, and stored for the winter. Drains need to be winterized, and the water level has to be just right before the cover can go on.

The chemicals also need to be balanced for a long-term period of non-use. This means working with regular pool chemicals as well as adding necessary winterizing chemicals. At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we understand the importance of excellent water care. We carry Bioguard® pool products to help make this important step as simple as possible.

Perks of a Professional Pool Closing

You can also contact our experienced service technicians to close your pool for you. We close pools regularly, and our expertise is unmatched. This will free up your schedule and give you the peace of mind that the pool is officially ready for its slumber. 

We also have regular route service options that you can enroll in. Then your pool’s maintenance will be cared for in both the off season and the swimming season.


Priority #2 – Safe Spa Soaking

checklist for spas

Once you have the pool ready for the cold, you want to move to the next item on your checklist—the spa. You want to be sure that the spa is always ready for safe soaking. Our business has been helping the residents of Colorado with their pool care for 40 years, and we also sell and service hot tubs. You can trust our Summit County service professionals with your spa just as you do with your pool.

Service that Stands Out 

Our two stores have a combined force of over 60 certified professionals who are trained to efficiently care for your spa. Because our service teams are highly respected and requested, we have more than 30 vehicles that are out making at least 1,000 service calls every week.  

Our reliable route service has helped to build our reputation of excellence. We have the largest service fleet in the industry in the Vail and Frisco area. Our talented technicians move quickly and work diligently to uphold our motto—clean, running, ready. 


The first goal on the list for our trained technicians is to thoroughly clean your spa. They deftly drain and fill hot tubs on a regular basis. 

When the spa is drained, they carefully clean the interior to help prevent algae and mold from building up. Then the filters get their attention because they also need to be cleaned regularly. Finally, our technicians get the water back in for the soaking that’s yet to come. 


Next, the team makes sure that everything is running like it should be. They routinely check the spa for any potential issues, such as leaks or equipment that’s not functioning properly.

There are sometimes unexpected issues that arise with hot tubs. We are here to help troubleshoot those problems too. When the people of the Central Rocky Mountain region have a hot tub that needs repairs, they know where to call for expert help. 

A malfunctioning heater is definitely not something that you want during the frigid days of a Colorado winter. Our team is ready to diagnose and doctor the issue. Maybe the controls on your hot tub are acting strange. No problem! Just contact our knowledgeable team to help walk you through the issue. Weird noises or jets that are out of order? Just give us a call and we’ll get on it.


Having a spa that isn’t ready when you need a relaxing soak kind of defeats the purpose of owning one, right? The last thing we do before finishing servicing your spa is to leave it ready for your enjoyment.

The chemicals will be balanced, making the water safe. Your water will be warm and ready to offer you relaxing hydrotherapy. And the cover will be put in place to keep the spa in pristine condition until you’re ready to occupy it.


Spa Maintenance that is Superior

Now that you know how our Summit County service professionals maintain a hot tub, you will want to get your name on our regular route service list. You can complete your High Rockies winter prep checklist for pools & spas with just one call. 

If you live in Colorado, you may want us to visit weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, depending on your hot tub usage. If you vacation here, just let us know when you need your hot tub to be ready for your next getaway. 


We are here to help you with your outdoor leisure needs, from pools to spas and everything in between. Swim spas in the Rocky Mountains are also a spectacular choice to enjoy year-round. Our saunas in Vail are another popular item with our customers. Whatever you need, we are here at our two locations to continue to help you love your home and backyard even more.