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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Weber Grill

Are you looking forward to warmer weather and the fun you will be able to enjoy outdoors when that happens, like grilling on your new Weber® grill? A Weber grill is a perfect addition to any yard for any time of year, but especially when warmer weather starts to roll in. Now is the time to start shopping for this new grill. You want to have plenty of time to shop and look before deciding which Weber grill is right for you. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is the expert on home recreation. We have compiled a list of things to consider when buying your Weber grill from us this year.

What Type of Weber Grill Do You Want?

Weber is well-founded, tried-and-true company that has been around for decades. Unlike other companies, they know there are benefits to owning all types of grills and don’t limit themselves to one variety. They offer every kind of grill you could want. Gas, electric, charcoal, wood pellet, and even smart grills are options when shopping for a Weber. So, begin by asking yourself which type of grill would be the best fit for your home.

Gas Grills from Weber

The biggest pros to using a gas grill are fast heating times, easy cleanup, and owner-friendly use. This will be the way to go if these are things that rank as a top priority for you and your family.

Electric Grills from Weber

Electric grills also offer ease of use and high heat to cook quickly like their gas counterparts. They also provide an EXTREMELY accessible fuel source that doesn’t produce much smoke. A Weber electric grill can be friendly to those who are in more compact spaces like apartments. 

Charcoal Grills from Weber

Charcoal grills are the classic long-time favorites of many people. They are typically cheaper to buy outright and offer an extensive range of options when cooking your food. If done correctly, the meat can be juicer and contain different wood flavors.

Wood Pellet Grills from Weber

While newer to the market, wood pellet grills are catching on quickly because they are so easy to use. With the ability to connect to your smartphone, you don’t have to babysit this grill as much when you are smoking meats. They can also offer remarkable consistency because the smart features will add wood pellets as needed to maintain the set temperature. 

Smart Grills from Weber

If you love the idea of controlling your grill with your phone, a smart grill will be your new best friend. With the ability to control the temperature with the touch of a button or set timers, your food will always taste excellent.

The last thing you can consider is color or style. When you are ready, come into our Vail or Frisco store with your priorities, and our expert consultants will help you narrow down your selection even further to the perfect addition to your home. Everyone has their ideal fit and Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is here to help make sure you find it!